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Choosing the right systems and locking them all together in the right way can be challenging. Do you elect to go for one of the big global suppliers, and tie yourself into their hardware, systems and software? Do you take a punt on some agile start-ups and hope they will grow with you and can connect to your other systems? There’s a lot of choice out there these days, and it’s tough to make the right call without the help of an experienced CTO or CIO heading up your systems team. 

Image by charlesdeluvio

That’s where we come in. We know full well that most small and medium sized operators can’t justify a CTO, and really just need the right advice and strategy. We can replace the need for a Head of IT and a CTO or Systems Director, and provide you the benefits of our expertise and experience.

At Tweakd we have a broad range of expertise including managing Systems and IT departments for large Hospitality & Catering operations, and at a C-suite level in the Systems and Software world itself – so we’re well placed to assess your needs and lay out a clear, manageable strategy, that will future-proof your business and reduce unnecessary processes.

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